Benefits of Aikido

Morihei Ueshiba was the founder of the new age Martial Art commonly known as Aikido. For one to understand the benefits of Aikido, one must realize that the modern form of martial art is much more than just an effective way to approach self-defense. Aikido among other values teaches understanding, a much-envied way of life and the way of the universe itself; that is why things in nature happen and how they affect humans.

As signified in the Japanese history books, the martial arts over the early days were dignified to be used not only when preparing for war, but could also be used in the modification of human behavior. Decisiveness, strength, perseverance, courage, clarity of mind and compassion are qualities necessary for a warrior worthy of the name; likewise, these are also qualities for a decent human being. For this reason, the Japanese history books have encouraged and emphasized the application of Aikido principle to the daily routine of human beings. As expressed with the word ‘Bushido’ , a warrior’s way of life is not simply fighting but is the constant striving for perfection in all areas of life. One of Morihei Ueshiba’s favorite sayings is that ‘True victory is self-victory.’

The practice and mastering of Aikido have certain benefits, some of which are discussed below:

•    Physical benefits: coupled with the philosophical and internal benefits of Aikido also comes significant physical benefits. Aikido training is a very efficient program that benefits men, women, business personals as well as young individuals. Physical fitness, flexibility, and relaxation are some of the characteristics taught during the Aikido program.

Going to work out at the gym is healthy and okay, but when your goal is to develop high human survival skill and grow in every area of your life, your best option is Aikido. Instead of stressing and putting only a few muscles through intense pain, you learn to relax your body while you achieve development from the center of your body, where you are most powerful.

Aikido, therefore, has been proven to develop the body in a unique way; flexibility is developed through severe stretching exercises, relaxation comes naturally during Aikido since, without it, the technique cannot function. The physical benefits of Aikido are of great advantage to business personnel as it gives them the strength to go about business daily without getting tired, and this applies to the men and women as well as young people in their daily routine.

•    Mental Benefits: this includes self-awareness, self-esteem, and relaxation among others. Aikido is not just meant to train you on being strong and being flexible, it also develops you in the way you move in the society and how you address people such that you become highly valued and respected. Aikido teaches wisdom, a better ability to resolve conflicts wherever you may find yourself, discipline and increased level of confidence in one’s self as well as the ever-present need to develop one’s self and learn new skills.

•    Spiritual Benefits: this improves the ability to improve your quality of living. This doesn’t come suddenly; it comes with following the principles of the Aikido program.