Our Programs

Aikido for Adults
All our classes are structured so that complete beginners are always taught in a friendly, fun environment that allows them to develop at their own pace. In an average class you will be taught a set of basic moves, structured techniques and some self-defence applications. Aikido techniques involve throws and locks and we always teach you how to breakfall safely.
Apply the Principles of Aikido to Self Defense.
Aikido for Business
The rapidly changing nature of today’s business world requires that people possess strong leadership expertise that will enable them to handle potential problems with efficiency, intelligence, and diplomacy. As managers and employers rethink out-moded business paradigms in order to keep offices running smoothly, production levels high, and morale up.
Aikido for Entrepreneurs
Apply the Principles of Aikido to Entrepreneurship.
When I started aikido I thought that it would be like most martial arts, about fighting other people to win a battle. But during the first class, I realized I was completely wrong. It is all about defending yourself while also protecting the other person. Luciano teaches everything clearly patiently until you get it right while at the same time pushing you too do and be better. I cannot stress how much aikido has changed my perspective on self-defense and helped me understand how to react in a situation where someone could be attacking you. Really recommend coming abs training Aikido, especially with Luciano.
Igor P.